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Established in 1981 March, as a result of the tireless efforts of Sri M.C Kerala Varma and his dedicated team, Kshathriya Kshema Sabha now spans all over Kerala from Neeleswaram to Thiruvananthapuram. Prior to formation of the Sabha, there were scattered units in different parts of the state. Today there are eighteen units in all, actively engaged in the welfare of our community members. Thiruvalla which functioned as a stand alone unit was affiliated to the Sabha.

Recently two more units were formed at Kottayam and Iritty.
Our mission is the welfare of our members. One of the measures undertaken towards this is the granting of Educational scholarships. There is an ongoing educational fund sponsored by Travancore Royal family. Those who are proficient in studies have been receiving assistance through this scheme. REACT (Royal Education and Charitable Trust) is a wing of the Sabha, also sponsored by the Palace, which disburses its funds to deserving members who need assistance during eventualities to meet medical or other unexpected expenditure.
In addition to this, Kshathriya Kshema Sabha works in conjunction with VAU (Varma association of UAE) which has more than hundred members. Besides their own philanthropic work in UAE, every year VAU extends scholarships to members of kshathriya community residing in Kerala.
The Sabha has a quarterly magazine Kshathraspandanam which has received praise from all quarters for its exemplary contents. Started as a Newsletter, the magazine has grown over the years in circulation under the stewardship of Sri M. Ravi Varma Raja. The magazine is considered the flagship of the Sabha.
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