Kshathriya Kshema Sabha  
By Pallavi Varma
I sprang out of the flesh- A cage I call it.

And here I am- happier than ever!

But people call me dead!

It is queer, a living dead- I pause

Liberation, I felt it was!

Happily lingering around the souls I love

Closer to them, I thought, to hove;

To be with them, a solace-

Long and forever! Long and forever!

I used to love sneaking out through the bars of my cage,

whispering the tunes of rivers,

wandering through the dunes and glimmer;

A happy soul I call myself,

But soon they put me back,

And call it a dream!

I can now see them mourn over my broken cage

No one can mend it back-they said- not even a mage

Was it not me that they wanted to be with?

My smiles unreturned, my calls unheard.

All these days,

whom were they smiling at?

Whom were they talking to?

Was it me? Or this bundle of flesh n bones?

I know not..

Those smiles and words I have adored

I realise- were never really mine.

I sank at the thought of it..

On their cages, I knocked- behold

Yet none of them budged.

I could see nothing but misty eyes,

For that fine cage- young but still.

I waited, for nothing in return..

Months and years passed by,

They, whom I constantly trailed,

Were trying to get accustomed to my absence!

Blind are they inside their cages!

Here I am- relentlessly calling out to them;

Get out of it, jump out of it!

Deaf are they inside their cages!

Alas! I am done. I am done.

And here I go, in search of a cage which could fetch me
their love- A caged love!

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